Workshops, June 28

Symposium Day 2 will consist of two sets of half-day workshops. Feel free to mix and match.

Click on the speaker name for a bio and presentation description.

Morning Workshops, 9 am – 12:30 pm (attend either)

Customer Journey Transformation

  • Using analytics to understand and transform customer experience
    Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc
  • Image and Speech Analysis for Market Research and Consumer Insights
    Michalis Michael, CEO, DigitalMR
  • Meeting Consumers’ Real Needs and Responding to their Actual Behavior: Uncovering the Unconscious
    Marija Bogic and Andra Magerusan, Innovationbubble
  • 3 Ways to Drive Your CX Strategy by Analyzing the Sentiment of Customer Reviews
    Adam Edmunds, Podium
  • A Consumer Neuroscience Understanding of Emotional Response
    Dr. Carl Marci, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

Data Science and Technology

  • Conversation Analytics: Analyzing Sentiment and Customer Satisfaction in Dialogues
    Claudio Pinhanez, IBM
  • Extracting Brand Features and Attributes for Consumer Insights from Massive Free-Form Data
    Annie En-Shiun Lee, VerticalScope
  • Comparing Sentiment Engine Performance on Reviews and Tweets
    Emanuele Di Rosa, Finsa s.p.a.
  • Disambiguate Opinion Word Sense via Contextonymy
    Guillaume Gadek, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Why AI (& Bots) Need Faces
    Mark Stephen Meadows,
  • Risk Analysis Using Speech Analytics Outputs
    Sunil Kappal, RSystems International
  • Sarcasm and its Symptoms
    Dianna Radpour, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Commercializing AI Research
    Kathryn Hume,

Afternoon Workshops, 1:30 pm – 5 pm (attend either)

Text Analytics for Market Research & Consumer Insights

  • Deep Text and Social Media Analysis
    Tom Reamy, The KAPS Group
  • How Deep Learning and NLP Answer Consumers’ Complex Questions
    Catherine Havasi, Luminoso
  • Words of Wisdom: Leveraging Advanced Text Analytics for Consumer Influencer Strategies
    Darren Bosik, Marina Maher Communications
  • Using Content Mining & Text Analytics to Profile B2B Buyers & Accelerate Sales
    Raviv Turner, CaliberMind

NLP and Sentiment in Finance

The finance workshop addresses text and machine learning technologies and their applications for trading, market surveillance, risk, fraud, and compliance, drawing on news, corporate filings, social media, and the range of relevant information sources and focusing on strategy and impact.

  • Panel: Trading Reality
    moderator: Bartt Kellermann, Battle of the Quants
  • Panel: Alternative Data: Signal & Noise
    moderator: Pierce Crosby, StockTwits
    • Trading on Media Emotion
      Richard Peterson, MarketPsych
    • Outperform Using NLP to Grasp the Wisdom of the Crowd
      Sameer Gupta, iSENTIUM
    • Artificial Intelligence Insights from Alternative Datasets in Investment Management
      Jamie Wise, BUZZ Indexes
  • Building a Regulatory Action Database with Text Analytics
    Evan Schnidman, Prattle and Steve Cohen, Basis Technology
  • Risk Taxonomies in Finance
    Brendan Herger, Capital One
  • Extraction and Interpretation of Trading-Relevant Information
    Marcus Hassler, econob

Symposium Day 1 will feature conference presentations and panels. Attend either day or both, but whichever day(s) you attend, join us for a networking reception Tuesday evening, June 27, 5:30-7 pm!










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