What Are Your Customers Thinking? ... and saying, tweeting, and posting?

The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is the first and best conference to address the business value of sentiment, opinion, emotion, and intent in online, social and enterprise data. Our audience is comprised of business analysts, developers, researchers, and solution providers. The June 27-28 program offers a slate of technology, solution, and business presentations. Attend either day or both!

The symposium is organized and produced by Alta Plana Corporation and chaired by Alta Plana principal consultant Seth Grimes. Seth founded Alta Plana in 1997 to deliver business analytics strategy consulting services with a focus on advanced analytics (text analytics, sentiment analysis, BI, and data visualization) and product and market positioning to solution providers and user organizations. Contact Seth at +1 301-270-0795 or via e-mail at grimes@altaplana.com, and visit him on Twitter at @SethGrimes.

Learn all about the symposium by visiting the pages for the previous 8 events, from the inaugural 2010 symposium to the July 2016 symposium. Unique for a conference of this type: You’ll find videos, presentations, and attendee lists online! Visit the SAS16 site, or visit prior years’ sites¬†with the SAS15 site as a jump-off point (click on the image)…




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