Deep Text and Social Media Analysis

This workshop, based on the book, Deep Text, covers the full range of tools and techniques needed to go beyond simple sentiment and word counting to dive into the complexity of language and build sophisticated customer intelligence applications. The workshop will take attendees from how to select the best software tools to how to develop sophisticated language models to building multiple applications.

The workshop will cover topics such as combing the latest machine learning and deep learning techniques with categorization rules utilizing new category models of emotion, developing rules that go beyond simple proximity with multiple contextual clues, and the latest techniques to dynamically add structure to so-called unstructured content. The workshop will close with an examination of how to apply those techniques to build applications that not only characterize what customers are saying about your product but also can distinguish which customers are likely to cancel, model customers’ characteristics such as age, gender, personality, and power-status from their posts, and more.

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