Call for Speakers The key to a great conference is great presentations

Please help make the 2017 symposium, June 27-28 in New York, a great event by submitting a speaking proposal, preferably by February 7, 2017. (We’ll consider late proposals on a space-available basis.) Presentation proposals from end users, analysts, researchers, and consultants in one of the areas that follow are especially welcome, but we will happily consider all proposals.

Priority focus areas Priority presentation topics
Brand and reputation management Emotion, mood, attitude, and intent
Customer experience Crowd-sourcing; machine learning
Social/media measurement Image, speech & video analysis
Market research & consumer insights Conversational interfaces
Public relations, policy & politics Influence, advocacy & personas
Financial markets and trading strategies The software/services marketplace
Healthcare & life sciences Innovation

Main-program presentations are 20 minutes, so stay focused! We’ll provide a free symposium pass for the speaker’s own use. And while we’ll consider solution-provider proposals, keep in mind our “no sales pitch” policy.

Use this form to submit your speaking proposal…


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